Tak Mukohira, R.Ph.,CEO & Co-founder

Tak Mukohira has over 35 years’ experience in leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across business development, corporate strategy and international business.  Prior to launching TNAX Biopharma, he was General Manager, Business Development, Life Science Institute Inc., which is a Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings company.  Mr. Mukohira was previously President of MP Healthcare Venture Management Inc., which is the corporate venture capital arm of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, based in Boston.  He has a rich network with the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.  He earned an SM in MOT from MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Kyoto University.

Akira Shibuya, M.D.,Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Akira Shibuya is Professor and Chairman of Immunology, University of Tsukuba.  He was an associate professor at University of Tsukuba and a lecturer at Okayama University.  Dr. Shibuya had 12 years’ experience as a clinician before he started his immunology research career as a post-doctoral fellow at DNAX Research Institute at Palo Alto,California.  He contributes many articles on immunoreceptors and their ligands to professional journals.  Dr.  Shibuya graduated from Hokkaido University Faculty of Medicine and earned an M.D. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Tsukuba.

Miwa Toyoda, M.S. ,Director of the Board

Miwa Toyoda has more than 4 years’ experience of venture capitalist in the biotech industry as a Principal of Life Science Investment group of JAFCO, a leading venture capital firm in Japan. Prior to joining JAFCO, Ms. Toyoda had worked for Ono Pharmaceutical Co. for over 17 years. She was involved in business development and R&D including clinical planning/monitoring. Ms. Toyoda has an M.S.  in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Tokyo.